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Simplest way to get random and difficult to crack passwords is to use Passwords Generator
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5 December 2015

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With internet becoming an enabler for a variety of tasks from banking to paying utility bills, the need to create several user accounts to avail such services has become necessary. When you are dealing with financial accounts online, it is really important to use the necessary precautions and this includes the use of strong passwords. Now if you have been looking for tool that can help you create secure passwords then you should look no farther than the versatile Passwords Generator 2.96 application.

On launch the Passwords Generator 2.96 presents before you a light hued and minimalistic interface that is easy to make sense of. Primary options are placed in the top menu bar and it offers you several choices to create passwords as per your need. To begin with you can specify your preferences in the Requirements tab and in case you wish some characters to be avoided, you can input the same in the Exclusions tab. Moreover you can choose to avoid double characters or even the ones that appear adjacent to each other. The Length tab allows you to specify the string length of the desired password. The application also comes with a set of templates which can be modified to meet your needs. You can mix and choose the characters you wish to include in a password and if required avoid a certain set, say numbers, by un-checking the box next to it. Once your preferences are set you can initiate the program to generate the password list which is neatly displayed in the preview screen.

Owing to its capacity to generate extremely strong passwords using a mix of varied characters, the Passwords Generator 2.96 application earns a score of three rating stars. The tool is unique suited for novice users who are not sure best security practices.

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The simplest way to get random and difficult to crack passwords - is to use Passwords Generator. This program is incredibly simple in use, but the same time it allows all necessary functions. Now you can create countless set of passwords with one click.
Passwords Generator has a template system, that allows adjust passwords for your needs. Templates can be saved for reuse in future. Each template allows adjusting up case or low case letters, numbers and special symbols. You can use alphabets set in combined or separately, so now you can get just numeric passwords, or passwords without special symbols, etc.
Generated passwords are displayed in the preview list, that list with easy allow you to choose the password and copy it to the clipboard. Also program allow you to export passwords and save them to the .txt file.
Passwords Generator
Passwords Generator
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